Rain Garden Plants Provides Beauty and Protection

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Rain garden plants are landscaped depressions that receive storm water runoff and allow the runoff to slowly infiltrate to the groundwater table. This is a really great garden that helps your house to not easily be flooded and could be a reservoir of water that will turn your plants. As well as intercepting storm water runoff that could have added to potential flooding problems, the rain garden idea allows nature to play a role, removing some of the pollutants that would have otherwise affected downstream water quality, now you no longer need to worry if your house will be flooded. Isn’t that cool?!

Rain garden plants also create important habitat for bees, butterflies, and birds. So you will have a beautiful garden and with a beautiful view of the diverse types of butterflies and birds that are flying around and also a variety of other animals will live in your garden. During infiltration, plants use excess nutrients for growth, sediment is trapped in the garden and biological and physical processes remove pathogens. Dissolved metals and nutrients bind or adsorb to soil particles and are removed temporarily out of the system. So, now you can have a beautiful garden in your house, right?

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Rain garden plants could come with various types of rain plants, such as crimson pirate, wild bergamot, beardtongue, switch grass, may night salvia, Mary Todd daylily, and so on. You can grow plants with a neat arrangement, so that your garden will look more beautiful and majestic. In addition, the garden is very easy to be maintained during the rainy season, because you no longer need to bother watering your plants. But besides the rainy season you need to frequently watering your garden, so do not die because of the heat. Experiment with this type of planting for your home and you could get the magnificent result for your home garden.

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18 Photos of the Rain Garden Plants Provides Beauty and Protection

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