Rafflesia Flower: the Gigantic Flower

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rafflesia flower facts

The rafflesia flower is one of the largest flowers in the world. The rafflesia is one of the gorgeous flowers which can make the people impressed with this flower. This kind of the flower is not only a beautiful flower, this flower also has the large size, this is kind of flower which absolutely different with the other kind of the flower. The rafflesia can also categorized as the extraordinary flower, because this flower is also one of the rare flower in the world.

It can be called as the largest flower among the other ordinary flower, because the petal of the flower can reach more than 90 cm across. Rafflesia is also not kind of the flower that can grow in any place, since this rare flower can only grow in certain area. Mostly, this gigantic flower only grows in tropical area. The rafflesia flower smell is strong; the smell is similar with rotting flesh.

rafflesia flower and carrion flies relationship

The rafflesia flower can also be categorized as the unique flower. Besides rare, the rafflesia can also be categorized as the unique flower because this enormous flower can only stand for few days. Since it grows, this rare flower cannot stand for long time. Therefore this kind of rare flower needs to be saved.

rafflesia flower and fly

19 Photos of the Rafflesia Flower: the Gigantic Flower

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