Japanese Flower Arranging Spread throughout the World

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what is the art of japanese flower arranging called

Japanese flower arranging or better known as ikebana is an art name, which comes from the Japanese which contains the procedures for arranging flowers. Japan is one of the countries in Asia that upholds the culture of their ancestors, the changing times seemed not erode their passion for preserving culture. This is causing a lot of Japanese culture which has become very popular in other countries and even became one of the new cultures for them.

Ikebana which is one of the Japanese culture that began to develop in this country since the 7th century, developed with the religion that goes to Japan. Initially ikebana became one of the expensive arts that can only be enjoyed by the royal family. But it has now become one of the national cultures so that everyone can enjoy it freely.

what is the art of japanese flower arranging called

Arranging flowers look so fresh even after being picked. At first glance you might think that ikebana is very easy, just arranging flowers in a container, but the fact is quite the opposite. There are very strict rules regarding the procedures for arranging the flowers that always looks fresh.

japanese decorative art of flower arranging

17 Photos of the Japanese Flower Arranging Spread throughout the World

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