Courtyard Garden Design Ideas and Inspirations

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courtyard garden design uk

Courtyard garden design is one way for you to spend your time and free yourselves from daily activities. After having your busy week, you deserve to relax yourselves in a perfect place. There are some courtyard garden design ideas for you to refresh your body and mind. You can choose classic courtyard as your option. This classic courtyard must be listed in your note. What are classic courtyard designs? The designs of classic courtyard can be heat-tolerant courtyard, classical garden pavilion, and cottage garden courtyard. Actually those are just terms. The important thing to have courtyard garden is a perfect seat, view, flowers, tress, pools, or even fountain.

Since you know that courtyard has limited space, you need to think what things should be put there. As you know that courtyard is your destination to spend your time, you need to place some sofa, dining table, flowers, plants and fountain. If you want a perfect view for nights, you can add some beautiful lamps to prettify your yard. It is romantic too to have your quality time with your partner. The most important thing is what we call as freshness. Whatever it looks like, you need to have a comfort courtyard garden design.

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Another thing to be considered well is privacy. As you know before that sometimes courtyard is placed in outdoor space, don’t let your neighbor or the other people get your privacy. Make sure that you have enough stuff and high wall to protect your privacy. You can cover it by planting high trees for example cocoa or the other plants which are suitable to be planted in your courtyard. Or, you can make a little cottage there to relax and enjoy your time, so your neighbor won’t bother you and no one knows your privacy while you are setting yourselves free after a busy week. Well, as has been discussed before, the most important thing is freshness or comfort. Make your comfort courtyard garden design.

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