Beauty of Indian Paintbrush Flower

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indian paintbrush flower pictures

One of those beautiful flowers that you can find in America is Indian paintbrush flower or also known as Castilleja. It is the flower that you can find mostly in America. However, you can also find this flower in the northern Asia. Alaska south to the Andes is the range of where this flower can be found to grow in America. Furthermore, you will also find that this flower is categorized as annual and perennial herbaceous plant genus among those 200 species.

Other than known in Indian paintbrush flower scientific name as Castilleja, this flower is also known as prairie-fire. For its beauty, this flower is also considered as the symbol of Wyoming or known as state flower of Wyoming. It is what makes this flower is quite special among the other found in America.

artificial indian paintbrush flower

Other than the beauty that owned by this flower, there are still some other features that make this flower is special. This flower can be consumed only the flower since the green part of this flower contains toxic if it is eaten. The benefit of this flower is quite similar to garlic. Those are everything you need to know about Indian paintbrush flower that will even give you health benefit you might not know before.

indian paintbrush flower essence

9 Photos of the Beauty of Indian Paintbrush Flower

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